“To the common masses our struggle is a fight, a war. A battle fought with sinew and muscle, with bolt, blade, and bomb, with tank and warship. To those of us in high station this is naught but a conflict of will! A struggle of metaphysical dimension. The Soul of Mankind is our battleground. The very existence of the human race is the prize for victory. Our sanity is the sacrifice we make to win that laurel.” – Unknown Inquisitor

For 10,000 years the light of humanity has dwindled. Now, threats assail the Imperium of Man from all sides. Countless horrors crouch in the shadows, waiting to devour the whole of humankind. Whether aliens, who seek to seize humanity’s worlds for themselves; heretics, who spread lies and rot the Imperium from within; or Daemons, ravenous horrors whose mere names can drive men mad; all seek to doom us.

Against these foes stands the Imperial Inquisition. Shrouded in secrecy, those men and women chosen to fight a secret war against the darkness take on the terrible burden of knowledge that enables them to safeguard the ignorant masses of mankind. Cursed to sleepless nights and nightmarish days, these brave few know that the thankless work they do is all that stands between our species and extinction in a thousand horrific ways.

And so we find our protagonists. Chosen from all walks of life for reasons unknown to them by Inquisitor Helena Vehring as her Acolytes. They will fight for her. They will learn terrible truths. If they survive, they may even rise to replace her as Inquisitors when her long war finally claims her. They are first line of defense against that which seeks our doom. But they must tread carefully, for that which would swallow mankind would take their lives without a passing thought. Welcome to the Inquisition, Acolytes.

We Have Not The Luxury To Count The Cost

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