We Have Not The Luxury To Count The Cost

Astropathic Communique From Inquisitor Helena Vehring

Recieved by Voidship "Pride of Askellon"

+ + + + + + + TRANSMITTED: Imperial Navy Fleet Headquarters Ultima Segmentum
+ + + + + + + RECEIVED: Orbital Stardock Gamet
+ + + + + + + DESTINATION:  Voidship Pride of Askellon
+ + + + + + + DATE: 02.412.002.M42
+ + + + + + + TELEPATHIC DUCT:  Astropath Gilroy Martense
+ + + + + + + REF:  Inq/98165749849840324323432/LA
+ + + + + + + AUTHOR: Inquisitor Helena Vehring
+ + + + + + + SUBJECT: Inquiries Into the Fate of Colony REDACTEDINQUISITORIAL APPROVAL
+ + + + + + + DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: "Death in service to the Emperor is its own reward. Life in failure to him is its own condemnation."


For years you have all served faithfully in the diverse and multifaceted tasks against which I have pitted you. Today I launch you upon the next stage of your service to the Imperium. What I originally believed to be a small cult encouraging the Warp storm designated Van Groethe's Rapidity towards the orbital path of planet Medusa V has turned out to be something far greater and I am likely to be engaged for some time assisting local Fleet and Guard elements in suppressing this late unpleasantness.

However, my indisposition cannot mean the other investigations I have been pursuing may fall cold and allow recidivists and xenos to infiltrate the Imperium while my hands are occupied with other tasks. Thus it falls to the group of you, who I am now officially designating Strike Team Thorn, to continue my work. You will be acting as my agents with the full authority to pursue whatever course of action you deem best to resolve and prosecute threats to the Imperium.

Your first task awaits you at the end of your warp journey and by the time you transition back to realspace and receive this message you should be quite close to your final destination. The planet Ganrya has a glacial moon, sparsely populated but for a few colonies dedicated to mining ice and melting it into potable water for export. An utterly unremarkable place but for the frequency with which I have found a specific colony there mentioned in communications between members of known heretic cult the Embraced of the Father. The colony has since stopped sending normal shipments of water to the local Administratum outpost.

So, here is your assignment: Travel to Colony ZT-14 on the the moon of Ganrya and ascertain what caused this breakdown of production and whether heretical influences are present. If you find them, excise them and report back to me via astropathic communication to Fleet Headquarters Ultima when your task is completed. For this assignment and for all future coded communications your designations are as follows:

Axel Warsinger – Thorn 1

Cooper Mastersan – Thorn 2

Lazarus Creighton – Thorn 3

Mordecai Grey – Thorn 4

Solaire Galliach – Thorn 5

Toland Kozlov – Thorn 6

Urial Festus – Thorn 7

Andros – Thorn 8

In the Light of The Emperor,

Inquisitor Helena Vehring




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